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I’m Claudia, and this is my story.

I chose to write out my story instead of filming a video because the story of what Christ has done for me is very emotional to share, and I don’t want to cry in front of you all. My upbringing growing up, I was the only child so my life was pretty lonely sometimes. But I managed to keep myself entertained by playing outside with friends from the neighborhood block. Every Friday after work my dad would buy Pizza Loca for me and my mom and surprise me with a new Barbie. This would be the highlight of my Friday every time. I also loved to play Nintendo — Captain Planet was my favorite game. Listening to my Walkman at least once a day made up my quiet time. My life before following Jesus was like an empty stomach: very painful and there was always something missing. Then, when I tried to fill the emptiness, it was always with the wrong things.

Coming to Christ – How did I come to faith?

A pastor that shared his testimony with me on how he recovered from addiction and shared how he lost his family and everything and ended up living on the streets, to becoming the man God made him: a pastor, a husband, a father. He prayed for my recovery, my reconciliation with my family and prayed that I would make the choice to follow Jesus. And so I did. After I felt something was changing. God had great plans in store for me, and everything that the pastor prayed for over me happened throughout that week. Wow! God is good, amen!

How did I respond?

I responded to Christ by reading his Word, going to church, serving, being a mother to my two beautiful boys, being a sister, a daughter, aunt, a friend. I’m not perfect but I can only try to be better than I was yesterday.

How did I find InsideOut Los Angeles?

Well, a good friend of mine –Joseph- was telling me, “Hey, there’s this church InsideOut close by your house, they have a small group every Tuesday and it’s really great. Yeah they get together and talk about Jesus!” I was like, “Oooooookay sounds nice!” He invited me to the 7 PM Sunday service. But then I get there and he’s nowhere in sight! I was upset but then he got there when the service had concluded. I forgave him, and he introduced me to Pastor Mike and Rob. I ended up becoming part of the church — thank you Jesus, thank you Joseph. Everyone has been great at InsideOut. Thank you!

How has life been different since coming to Jesus?

I’m no longer searching for that missing puzzle piece in my life, and that emptiness in my soul is no longer there. God is the way to my salvation and I choose to follow his footsteps and that makes me happy. I have my sobriety, my family, and it’s great to be a mom again to my boys Ruben and Adrian. I go to church service, youth group, small group, children’s ministry — all the glory to God!

What do I look forward to the most?

What I look forward to the most for the future is for God to keep working in my life until forever! Being an even better mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend to all my family and friends. I look forward to switch out the old me… hello the new me. Willpower is important, stability, commitment, sobriety, strong faith, unity, love, forgiveness, and attending service. It’s a process to change my old ways but with God by my side, mind, body and soul, anything is possible!



2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!