Our Confidence: Pt. 2

August 18, 2019
In this day and age, our emotions and our feelings almost seem to supersede our intellect or our thinking. Scripture tells us that Jesus died upon the cross for you…

Spiritual GPS

August 4, 2019
Our destination is determined by which road we are on and which landmarks we are following, and without God's Spiritual GPS and direction in our lives, we can easily find ourselves losing site of our purpose and where He wants to take us.
Who are you listening to? In this message, we take a look at the different voices that pull us away from the truth, and know how to stand firm in our faith by remembering our victory in Jesus and what He has done for us.


July 7, 2019
Are you ready for salvation and to be a child of God? Pastor Mike talks about how to get ready to receive the good things God has for us.

Know the Truth

June 30, 2019
How do we know the truth? Sometimes it is hard to tell the truth from the lies within our daily lives. Satan can distort the truth enough to confuse you, distract you, or mislead you in your relationship with God. God's word wants to connect us to the truth, and with the help of The Holy Spirit, lead us into a growing relationship of love with our creator.

What do you love?

June 23, 2019
What do you love? When we put our value in things, relationships, money, etc. we lose sense of our purpose. The kingdom of God is forever and our value our worth, our love is all because of God.